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Tracy. 22. Photographer. Artist. Studying Graphic Design. Chicago has my heart! Mexican and Polish. Shy. Strange. Loving. Friendly. A Fighter. Good Listener. Music Lover. Husler. Trencher. Music Player. Always here to Listen.
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Happy 22nd birthday to the awesome @brittanykarlinski! If it wasn’t for her I probably, scratch that, wouldn’t have done any of the crazy (read: fun) things that we have done in the last year and a half! Hope you have a fun day! To think this all started at an @alltimelow show!

Our lives @tryxlestrange #mcr

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#setitoff @setitoffband #apmas #altpress this would be amazing!!

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#tbt to the day I met the lovely @brittanykarlinski at an @alltimelow show! 😝 #concertlife #excuseuswearevip (at House of Blues Chicago)

@setitoffband #chicago #comealivetour

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This is one of my favorite pictures of us! Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

#tbt a hidden gem! 9 months old here! #baby #messy

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But then Luigi didn’t give a shit and scooted Mario over to make space! #kittens #brothers #mytwoidiots #catsofinstagram

This little one doesn’t care that he is inside my mom’s purse, he is taking a nap anyway! #kitten #mario #cutie #catsofinstagram

@setitoffband #comealivetour #chicago

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Also celebrating Mother’s Day! thank you for all you do! Love you! #mothersday #mama #papa #family (at Lotus Bar at Rivers Casino)

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Drink time!! #pomegranatemartini #earlybirthday #happybirthdaytome #nobodylikesyouwhenyoure23 (at Lotus Bar at Rivers Casino)

Welcome to the family Mario (brown tabby) and Luigi (blonde tabby)! These boys are already trouble and they are absolutely adorable! Better pictures to come once they get used to everything. They are such tiny, little cuties!!

The very first picture of my furball and her very last. She came into my life at the best possible time and she fought to stay as long as she could. She was perfect for my family: a little screwy, always loyal, and always loving. I’m going to miss this little furball so much because she came into my life at a time when I lost a few people I loved; she was a new life. R.I.P. Tinkerbell

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